Monday, March 3, 2008

The White Salmon

So- yesterday we went paddling- a well deserved bout of fun after weeks (months) of school. Here are some pictures- come paddling with us next time and you will have beautiful pictures like these of yourself. Despite a cracked boat we managed to have a great time with perfect water levels and SUNSHINE!!!!

Allison drives her super cool toyota truck for many, many, many hours to go paddling.

Nick Matisse lookin cool.

But not as cool as Jon Loeffler

Lish and Fiona right at the put in- about to run Maytag (?)

Brien takes an unconventional but amazing succesful line through maytag

and fiona

Nick tries to boof, and sort of does. Too bad Luke didn't come but his boat did.

Jon runs the meat.

The girls in their purple priscilla, queen of the desert

Brien pre-munch in the hole at the bottom of Husum. His line looks all right here.

Nick melts husum

I run husum

My paddle was all that was visible at the bottom- somehow I came up right side up- everyone should paddle a creekboat.

Fiona styles husum

some random dude- sort of close to the middle.

Lish boofs like she means it.

here comes priscilla- and the next few pictures are a great example of the best line you can take down Husum.

Jon paddles the hero over husum, complete with a 10 inch crack in the middle and a smaller one near the stern. We figured he wouldn't sink between putting on 100 ft. upstream and going over.

The crew

We promise it was just sprite.

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